Marvelous Santorini Photography Experience for Adventurers

Experience Santorini from a different view and explore photography with new friends 04-10 May 2019.

About Experience

Santorini Photography Experience is an intense 7-day photography workshop focusing on landscape, architecture, night and portrait photography of Santorini island. 

Refine your skills in photography while exploring and capturing with your camera the remnants of one of the largest volcanic events mankind witnessed – the volcanic island of Santorini.

Open to all levels, group size up to 6!

Date: 04-10 May 2019.

Language: This experience is offered in Greek, German and English

Meeting Point: Santorini island


  • Accommodation* in a selected boutique guesthouse for its exceptional quality, location and character.
  • All transfers with private cars to the referred scheduled places.
  • Fresh continental breakfasts.
  • 1 welcome dinner and 1 farewell dinner.
  • Photographer & escort to every photography location

*hotel accommodation is provided on a double occupancy basis.

Single room supplement € 450.

Note: Price is per person. After purchasing the ticket, you’ll get an email with the address of the venue and contact details.

Any questions? E-mail us:

Santorini Photography Experience – Schedule 



I’ll pick you up your from your arrival point, to settle in, in one of the marvelous hotels of the island. The whole photography squad will be gathered and get to know each other around the dinner table while savoring local delicacies! The program of the following days will be a topic to discuss.


Οne of the most stunning traditional villages of Cyclades will be our setting for the first day of our Santorini Photography Experience. Oia perched on the northern tip of the island is built on the steep cliffs of the caldera with many of its dwellings nestle in niches hewn into the volcanic rock. Its location, its architecture tied with its unique geological nature and its tranquil atmosphere, making it an incomparable destination by itself!

We will explore the place with our cameras and I will trace your individual needs. This first sample of our photos will be the benchmark for the following photography days on which we will see our evolution unfolding throughout the photo workshop. So, the goal of the day is observation and depiction in colour or b/w focusing in, free of a subject, street photography.

After a delicious lunch break, we’ll have time to rest, to download our photos for our first critique and editing review.


Majestic landscapes of the island waiting for us to showcase them! Day 3 of Santorini Photography Experience will start at volcano cliffs, the view from the lunar shape caldera, the vineyards of the oldest in Europe, the coloured beaches, are top rated photography subjects! To this already exciting photography day, we’ll add more magic with a night photography session on one of those spectacular Santorini’s locations.

Delicious local cuisine, time to rest, to have fun and time for our intriguing reviews, intertwine daily with our itinerary.


Man is the photography theme of the day. Random or set portraits, occasions where man is involved with a visual approach to his activities and how he relates to the island.


Santorini is one of the best places on the planet to exploit the light, fine forms and details on a unique architectural style. It’s time to explore them! How we approach these elements makes it more worthy and interesting. Oia and Imerovigli are the places to be!


Landscape photography, street photography and portrait photography were the types we worked the days before. For this day an interesting task challenges us. We are all assigned by the photographer, on a specific project. During the day’s review, we’ll be intrigued by the different perspective and view of each on the same subject!

All these days we developed our skills and widened our perception in photography whilst immersing ourselves in the culture of the island and exploring its great history through time, depicted on every inch of his volcanic face. Nature and man’ wonders are generously granted to us on this awesome place and we couldn’t think a better way to live its myth but through our lenses.

The farewell dinner will be the occasion to exchange feelings, thoughts over the past few days, inside jokes and contact details aspiring that we’ll meet again! Wish you to carry all the photos taken as a souvenir of an exciting time with loving friends.


We check out and it’s time to decide whether we stay longer on the island because of its infinite beauties or let the journey take us to our next destination. See you!


By Airplane or by boat
Whichever is your arrival point, we’ll pick you up from there.


  • The boat trip to the volcano. Walk on top of a still active volcano.
  • Capture the caldera villages from an impressive spot and swim in thermal water with therapeutic ingredients.
  • Capture the Minoan town of Akrotiri.

About organizer

My name is Nikos Kokkas. I was born in south-western Germany, near Stuttgart in 1972. I grew up in Thessaloniki but my family immigrated to Germany for a second time when I was 15 years old. That functioned in a way as a “new beginning” in my life and that was the point where I started expressing a growing interest in travel and photography simultaneously. I bought my first SLR camera, a Minolta X-700 by the age of 16 and started discovering the endless aspects of light, in colour and B&W. Carrying a camera on a daily basis, it started being obvious how my life would proceed. Self-taught and having already traveled a lot in Europe, “camera in hand”, I returned to Greece in 1995, to Athens, with only one aim: to start working as a freelance journalist and photographer.
Speaking three foreign languages, English, German and a little French, I started producing and publishing my own subjects. My topics which drew inspiration from Greece and other parts of the world ranged from architecture and interior design to travel and social issues. So far I produced and published over 60 travel and social issues from Greece, Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Germany, U.S.A., Israel, Panama, Zambia, England, Ireland, Oman. I am a member of the Greek edition of National Geographic Magazine, having produced 6 subjects from different places in Greece with a certain point of view. A few years ago, I developed an interest in portraiture making it a very important part of my work until today. I collaborated with numerous major Greek magazines and newspapers.
I live in Athens.

Marvelous Santorini Photography Trip for Adventurers


Price is per person.

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04-10 May 2019. Duration 7 days Write for more info: