Vegan workshop and dinner. From wheat to meat.

Vegan day to remember

About Experience

In this workshop you will make a magical vegan journey that sprouts from the wheat grain. Furthermore you will enjoy making your own bread and share the experience with your new friends.

What’s that about wheat? Seems like if you grind it and separate it into fractions, you can suddenly make meat substitutes from the proteins or surprisingly nice desserts from the starch part. You can germinate, cook or roast the grain. You can brew beer and make other drinks from it. From the flour you make flat breads, pancakes or crackers. If you cook it, it is suddenly called pasta, or a roux and if you seduce the invisible life hidden somewhere in those grains in the right way, you can make beautiful leavened loafs, which have a wonderful structure and taste.

For whom?

  • Cooking, Bread and Vegan lovers
  • Enthusiastic home cooks
  • People with an interest in nutrition & health and sustainability
  • People that love to learn and enjoy good food


Together we will:

  • Bake sourdough bread
  • Reuse old bread
  • Make meat replacement
  • Culinary vegan desserts
  • Cozy vegan cooking, have dinner and enjoy wine



Duration: Around 4h

Language: This experience is offered in English

Availability dates: March 22, 2019.

Meeting Point: Oostpoort

Provided: Drink, Coffee, Tea, Dinner, Recipes, Wifi

Note: Price is per person. After purchasing the ticket, you’ll get an email with the address of the venue and contact details.


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About organizer

Our Bakers Lab brings people together to participate in workshops and in food experiments. The smell of fresh bread pours out of our bakery and you can see our breads proofing. We use grains, nuts, fresh herbs and some of our ingredients are purchased directly from farms, including ancient grains such as einkorn and emmer wheat, allowing us to explore lost flavors from the past. We serve coffee and homemade food and invite you to make your own bread, participate in an old social baking tradition, book a bread workshop or teambuilding activity.

Magical vegan workshop and dinner


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March 22, 2019. at 18:00