We are happy to meet all together in Athens at 8.00 a.m. to start with our van, our 4 hours journey to Meteora.
During our drive, we will have the opportunity to know each other and this first contact will bring with it an array of questions, queries and answers in preparation for the surprises that our photography trip will give us.  As soon as we settle in at the hotel, we will enjoy some local food in one of the traditional tavernas around. Then the afternoon is all ours to capture the sublime scenery. A scenery composed of unique the formations of the giant suspended sand-rocks of Meteora. Meteora rock pillars are topped with Byzantine monasteries that echo the nun chants to create an eerie atmosphere in their isolated and steep standing. Millions of opportunities for superb landscape photography as we capture the scenery from all possible perspectives from the bottom up to the top of the rock pillars for a panoramic spectacle.

Each day will be followed by a critique and editing review led by our instructor through exchanging info of our shots over our photography assignments.

The second day of our trip will be divided between visiting the monasteries and some more selective shots of the landscape. We will focus on monasteries’ life – wherever we are allowed to– as evolved in time, mingling with pilgrims & travellers from all over the world and taking the opportunity for some intriguing photography compositions and themes.

In the evening, a farewell dinner is a great chance for an overall review of our photography trip.

We depart early in the morning to get back to Athens or why not you to continue from there to your next nearby destination along with your memories, your perception in photography broadened and your skills refined.