Pavilion is focused on unique artistic experiences, unusual artworks, creative artistic approach and engaged audience.

Your creative experience should be innovative, fresh, mindful and, if possible, interactive.                 Be involved is our motto. So let’s get involved together!

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1. Express yourself:


Craft workshop, photo tour with professional photographer, interactive gallery, cooking workshop, designing bags, graffiti workshop, or literary evening… These are just some of our suggestions, it’s up to you to imagine and create a unique event where you can present your vision, but at the same time engage the attendees. The experience is vice- versa!

For example you are a jazz musician – create experience where you will give to visitor complete overview of jazz music. Pick your favorite jazz bar and revel secret of the jazz. Take them to shop jazz vinyl. Introduce them with other jazz musicians. Use your passion to reach the core of the art you are presenting. Your art experience is here to inspire and entertain.


2. Think of your original creative concept:


We will be more than delighted to support all fields of artistic creation exposed in a context of new environment. Additionally, we support all kinds of ideas and trans-disciplinary projects with an emphasis on innovation and experimental culture. So be creative! Let people talk about you and your art experience.


3. Find location:


Where would you organize it? Vintage coffee shop, open space, rented apartment or attic of some old building…even your own living room!?  Any ambience is suiting, as long as it completes your idea of an exceptional quality time: weather you’re thinking of a quiet simple gathering or a ravishing event!


4. Think about all details:


Once the concept of the event is complete and the location chosen, next step is to plan carefully: number of visitors / attendees; ticket price; self – presentation and activity schedule, booking space and think through any other detail. Make sure that people get something exstra like a present on the spot, or include in your price free dinks, coffee, etc.


5. Good presentation is essential:


When you publish your experience, make shure that you upload high quality pictures (minimum 5) that will describe your experience. All kinds of visual material like videos, GIFs, animations are also very welcome. A short text explaining your concept and what people will experience is very important, people like to know what they will do before they make purchase.


6. Do what you love and love what you do:


Once we publish your experience it will be promoted on social networks, forums, etc. We will introduce to wide audience your works and ideas. This is free of charge for you. All you have to do is to give your best to inspire people that attend your experience, to teach them what you kow, and have fun along the way. It should be special event for you and for visitors.

You will earn money while playing!


Have questions, need inspiration?



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