Produce, Record and Create Your Song!

Create Your Own Original Song in the heart of Rome

About Experience

Record song while in Rome. We will host a making music experience while enjoying an Italian Aperitivo in our home/home-studio in Piazza Trilussa, the heart of Rome. We’ll gather your ideas and feelings, and transform them together in a song you’ll be able to bring home at the end of your experience. Any genre, from classical to songwriting, pop, hip hop or simply a feeling.

The process:

– we will have a conversation about your song and gather as many details as possible

– we will find a base original melody that connects to your feelings and your ideas

– we will help you writing the lyrics (unless you already have them written down) or we will adjust your draft, turning it into a song

– we will record your voice and help you throughout the recording process

– we will add instruments together to complete your song

– we will give you a draft, mix the song in the following days and send you the final product!

*even if the session is listed for 3 hours, we treat every booking as an unique experience, so we’d love to extend the time as much as needed to complete your song!

Check our blog story for inspiration express-yourself-singing

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Produce, Record and Create Your Song!


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Monday through Sunday. Selecte your preferred time between 9am and 9pm.


Rome, Italy

About organizer

We are a couple of producers / composers who live in Rome and travel often to NYC. We have worked with several international artists, love to develop talents and bring to life people’s ideas with notes and instruments!