Express Yourself / Singing Circles

Follow your soul. It knows the way

Let’s gather into the circle. Please take off your shoes, sit on the floor, find yourself comfortable position. Now we start. One two three. Ommmmmmmmmmmm.

I always hated „gather into the circle“ thing. But I decided to give it a try!
And this is how it works. We all sing, but there is no text. No notes. Just sound. Let’s make a sound.
No, wait, no lala. Naaaaaaa. Cool, that sound better. Open your mouth, clear a throat.
Lets’s do chanting. Close your mouth, close your eyes. Produce a sound. Make your vocal cords
Deep breath and continue.
Again. Mmmmmmmm.

I almost lost my breath due to heavy chanting. But I am not giving up. One more sound, one more chant. Finished. I do feel better, lighter, relaxed. I could have a tea and soon be sound asleep. I am not sure if my soul is washed out, or I am just tired of not being able to breath properly. But chanting made me happy. As well as the group of co-singers. I may say, chanting is much better than chatting. It saves energy.

Everyone should find a way to express him/herself, whether it is singing in circles, walking in circles, speaking in codes, or just dressing up. At the end of the day, what counts is trying not to be square.

*singing circle is a kind of singing exercise that is meant to promote the musical feeling in the
group as well as improvisational skills. Often, it is simply performed for fun.


Neda N.

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