Movie Review / The Lobster

Story about human relations, the present, the should watch it

„What would you like to be in your next life?“, asked an interviewer.
„A lobster“, answered a man.


He would make you think about second life. He would make you think about the society, about the present. He would make you think about the box we are living in. Or The Hotel. Or The Woods. His name is Yorgos Lanthimos and he is a film director. The Lobster is his first English language movie about human relations, about the present, about the future. And you should watch it. The movie is placed into absurd, highly arranged society where is unacceptable being a single. All singles are sent to The Hotel, last opportunity to find themselves a life companion. If one lives long enough to find a partner, he/she is free to leave a hotel and have a normal life. Long enough counts 45 days in The Hotel, single room, with daily activities included. If one fails, there is a chance to live next life as an animal. Anyone could choose which animal he/she will be.

This movie might be a reference to dating apps, or constant search for partner in virtual life. The narrative is the key of this movie. A monotone, spoken by Rachel Weis, sounds like a statement, without many shades and subtext. There are no feelings included in reading the narrative. Although the statements are restrained, and the feelings are not indicated almost until the end, this movie will surely touch you mentally, make you unleash your inner self and articulate your own opinion.

What would you like to become?

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