Went Offline / End Of The World

Been there, done that. Was online half of my life. Still am.

Houston, we got a problem. Huuuge problem. We lost them. There is no internet connection.
Jump Dino, jump. How thoughtful of you, Google. You considered all the boring moments when we need to wait for the requested page to reload. This little game-play can fill the gap. Google gave us Dino to play with. And God gave us Google.Or Larry Page and Sergei Brinn. Righty right, now we can stop thinking with our own brains and use the almighty omniscient search engine.


We don’t need to think and we don’t need to know. We just need to connect and intersect information we gathered online. The result will be astonishing! Oh, I love you, Google.
It’s so boring to ride a subway. Especially long distances. Let’s look at Instagram. Let’s check out Snapchat. Let’s stare at the phone screen for next 20 minutes. Target reached. Now, go out of the train.

Search for a location. Go to the meeting point. Don’t talk with strangers. Keep your head down.
Lock the view to the phone. Smart lock. Now meet and greet. There we go. Common, make a selfie with friends! Good boy. Check in. Have a drink and enjoy the evening. Remember, it always better to stay online.

Imagine another scenario. Not so alike to real life`s, but still working. Shut down the internet.
Take a book with you. Go to the subway. Open the book. Any page. Look around a bit, there might be something interesting. Write down a few words. Look through the window. Here you go. Your station. Now, try to find a location without your phone. Walk around the block. Ask people if they know this address. Keep your head up. Greet your friends as usual. Have a drink and enjoy the rest of the evening.

It feels so good to be offline.

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