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Broforce featuring Rambro aka John Rambo, Bromando, aka John Matrix from Commando, Brade aka Blade, Indiana Brones, Brominator, Brochete aka Machete Cortez, Broheart aka William Wallace from Braveheart, and many other famous bros in the „Save the world“ mission. Also, some female bros (so called broette – see http://de.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=broette) included: Ellen Ripbro, The Brode, Cherry Broling, etc who fit just perfect into masculine, violent, bloody Broforce concept. When you find yourself in the world full of bros, all you need is to take out the weapon, follow/lead your partner and fight evil creatures.


In the spirit of Super Mario Bros, Free Lives crew developed Broforce, side -scrolling, run and gun platform video game. Or, to make it clear, they use same 8-bit pixelated concept. Why is it so cool?
First, because it’s retro, second, cause it is a parody of all „Superhero saves the world movies“,
third, cause it is co-op ( you need a friend to play it) and forth, it’s pretty simple. It is nostalgic back in time when you needed to put a diskette in the console in order to play a video game.
When the world went retro? Lately, I would say. Overloaded with digital info, hyperlinks, inhuman, insensitive, people turned to analog track. And so was with games. In the world full of hyper realistic, top animated games, 8- bit pearls started shining bright in this WWW sea. Along Mario Bros and Broforce, there is a bunch of other games like Pacman, Kung Fu, Ninja Gaiden, Life Force,

Project Doom, Duck Hunt and so on, which can introduce you to the pixel world of gaming.
Funny tip: instead of watching HD movie trailers, you can try it with 8 bit trailers, like this e. g.

Until then, keep it retro and
God speed Bro!


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