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This can be a good reason to walk out your apartment right after sundown

Oh honey, it’s cold outside. Laid back with a fav cup of tea/coffee, a book and some fav cookies, you probably don’t even imagine going out as an option. But, believe me, there is a real bonfire burning somewhere around the corner.

125 years ago, on 17th of October, in Vienna, the capital of Austria, the Emperor Franz Josef formally opened Art history Museum (Kunsthistorisches Museum), and this year in Museum will be dedicated to the jubilee, or at least the end of the year. Cheers to that!


Within the celebration there is a sound and video installation ”The Babel Tower” made by Arotin & Serghei, Austrian artist duo. This video installation is projected on the Museum itself, and it can be seen right after sundown.
The starting point for video installation was a famous painting ”Tower of Babel’, made by Pieter
Bruegel The Elder, which is being kept in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. The painting is transformed into the rotating structure of light cells in continuous mutation with emerging details from masterpieces of the Museum collection.

The artist duo adapted an etiological myth of building Tower of Babel (explains the origin of
different languages) as a baseline for sound installation, and used text fragment from Homer,
Dante, Karl Kraus, Beckett and Wittgenstein, Mahabharata and from Navigation systems,
underlined with electronically manipulated themes from Bach, Schubert and Wagner.
”The Babel tower” is surely worth seeing and hearing and can be a good reason to walk out your apartment right after sundown.

And for those who are not in Vienna, or don’t have a plan to visit it there is a short video published by KHM:

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