All I want for Christmas is you !

What´s cooking for Christmas?

Before we all jump into Christmas insanity, mulled wine dégustation, buying useless things etc we should all chill for a moment and ask ourselves- what´s cooking?

I’ll tell you what I’m cooking, baking indeed. Blinded by Instagram lights, Pinterest advice on how to glaze how to decorate I got down to cookies project. Gingerbread cookies unite!
Worth mentioning that I am a newcomer in cookery and my kitchen is not as full as yours.
And as usually living on the edge (budget) I don’t fancy buying Christmas spice blend.

So I mixed: two cups of flour(white, the cheapest brand), a cup of milk, some butter, sliced ginger root, cinnamon and cloves which I didn’t bother to grind or cut smaller. I am not an egg person so I just skipped that step. At the very end of mixing, I added a pinch of baking powder to help it rise.

During baking, it smelled like Christmas, guess you all know what Christmas smells like.
Guest first to try and then the host. Therefore I invited “the man of my dreams” and let him try them. Just to mention that “the man of my dreams” is not allowed to complain about any matter. The tasting went ok, I served them with a cup of tea to ease swallowing and help to digest the crunchy clove parts. He said they were good.

For my super sensitive taste buds, they were rather bitter and I didn’t like the texture. I ate one
piece. We all know that Christmas is the best time to share. Acted according to Christmas code I gladly gave the rest of cookies to my friends. They still haven’t given any feedback.
You can all follow my advice and share your food with friends, or even better, with people in
need. Just try a bit harder than me.

For the next Christmas, I’ll save up some money and buy already baked cookies or at least ready to bake cookie dough. I don’t want to fail in another project and not to be able to have decent photos worth Instagram.

And to all my friends out there -don’t you worry, next year I won’t be baking for you!

Neda N.

p.s. posted photos are just found footage, mine were not worth showing 🙂

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