Cross a bridge, wear a mask, turn into somebody else!

Visit Venice, the town where your soul meets its hidden counterpart

If you want to transcend from common into extremely enjoyable, to change your reality without losing the feeling of now, one of the best ways for that kind of enterprise is the Venice carnival. If you wish to experience a day full of inspiration and pleasure you be a guest of one of its fabulous masquerade balls!

Why Venice? Simply, there you are surrounded by water, intercepted by bridges and greeted by masked people who will lead you to find your hidden self.

Water represents your emotions, inner insecurities and deepest thoughts. A bridge is an arch supporting you to conquer them. When you cross it, you may find you have changed. Oddly enough, if you accept that change with an adventurous attitude, the journey has just begun! You then put on your mask, which will deepen the transcendence. Then you start to explore, going beyond your ordinary limitations.

Visit Pavilion Venice

Imagine yourself heading to a Venice palace. You cross one of the numerous bridges, first on foot, then you take a gondola. An excited crowd is waiting for you for a dinner and a ball. You smile and undress your inhibitions while gazing deeper into other people’s eyes under masks thus finding the forgotten parts of your soul’s excitement.

You may discover your new inner self during a day in Venice FOLLOWING THIS EXPERIENCE. Cross a bridge, put on a mask and costume, accept a hand of a disguised stranger, enjoy the artistic experience of the past connected with the present moment. It is the finest art of life. Release all your sighs and worries by getting to the other side of your personality and enjoy the divine comedy of the moment!


Ana A.

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