Lions tread Milan’s catwalks

Show your bold attitude, smell uniqueness and try on smoothness during the Milan Fashion Week

It is widely recognized that fashionistas and all others who enjoy shopping in Milano adore Milan fashion. Each corner of Italy’s most sophisticated city turns into a fashion tour twice a year, adorning it (if possible) with more style and grandeur.

Are you looking for exclusivity? Experience Milan! Practice your confident lion’s pace for during Milan Fashion Week 2019 you will get a chance to explore Milan’s most famous ateliers, fashion stores, tailoring treasuries and perfumery chambers.

Put on your snazziest shoes and imaginative crown and step on a lion’s runway walking on your toes. Milan Fashion Weeks are always the busiest, but also the most charming. You can walk through a cloud of scented beauty in this city of fashion magicians. Your hair will get perfumed. Shake it fearlessly, as a mane, and move on, feeling your next fashion prey from a mile away. Experience a full day of fittings with your pride of fashion lovers, touch the fabrics, re-touch your lips, match your look, talk with artisans, feel like a royal.


Be seen in Brera Milan walking effortlessly along the cobblestones, make your own fragrance, show your elegance. A fashion workshop is exactly what your posh inner creativity needs. Express your uniqueness, have a super-real experience. You deserve a touch of first class – caress prestigious fabrics.

Stand up straight, take long strides! Let your skin feel what it’s like to dress the Italian way. That’s what a Milan fashion tour is all about – feeling the greatness.

So, Travel Milan! Once you discover it, you will never forget your Milan fashion trip.

During Milan fashion tour, you will get a lion’s share of élite excitement. As you already know, a lion’s roar can be heard from five miles away. The whole world will see your precious inner confidence

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