And a lust for life keeps us alive…

Enjoy your day and remember that art has a healing effect

Lana del Ray humming in the background, keeping it short and clear, me trying to figure out when was the last time I did something stupid/crazy/dangerous. Like sliding off the roof for instance. Lana did it on TV. Me never.

Talking about “Lust for life” I can’t help but mention “Lust for life”, a novel about Vincent Van Gogh written by Irving Stone. As it’s hard to google this (you’ll be mostly redirected to Lana) I listed the link below. Vincent did a lot of crazy/stupid/dangerous stuff and inspired lives of many. The last year was in the Honor of Van Gogh, one of the European greatest artists.

There are a lot of movies depicting the life of Van Gogh, feature films and documentaries. I personally love Lust for life from 1954 and find it somehow true, raw and honest.

Worth recommending is animated experimental movie “Loving Vincent“, made entirely of oil painted frames released 2017 and also “At eternity´s gate” starring Willem Defoe released 2018.

If you like to hear more about “Loving Vincent” and learn how to paint like Van Gogh you should check this painting experience with Catalina Codreanu and if you like to follow the footsteps of Dutch masters we can offer the travel experience settled in the beautiful Dutch countryside.

Enjoy your day and remember that art has a healing effect,

Neda N.

Real “Lust for life” here:

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