Do Not Avoid New Things

Open sight, meaningful emptiness, deep energy of Aegean sea

Ok, you have traveled, you’ve been on different coasts, you have soared, but is it ever enough? It isn’t, life challenges never sleep. Why not challenging them first, then?

Take Greece, for instance. One thinks he knows it’s mythology, culture, nature, mystery, but be prepared for different, refreshing impressions on Tinos island. If you dream of warm, you will get warmer, if you wish for sunny, you will feel sunnier, if you need calm you will experience calmer.

Perhaps you will share a ferry with the pilgrims eager to reach one of the holiest shrines in Greece. The island is a divine spot, for it has over a thousand churches, with as a special spiritual gem — the Sacred Church of the Evangelist, home of the miracle-working icon of the Virgin Mary, discovered in a vision by Saint Pelagia. People approach it from the port on their hands and knees. Why not sacrificing for the bliss?

Once you get there you will enter small, picturesque villages, their white houses with sun-kissed, hot walls and about a thousand decorated dovecotes. Why not passing under one of their arches for the transcendence?

The views from the houses are spectacular — open sight, meaningful emptiness, deep energy of Aegean sea. The most incredible view must be the one from the strange mountain rock called Exombourgo, attached to the island like a stone gift from another planet. Why not climbing it for inner elevation?

Of course, you will run into small, distant tavernas, but not crowded this time. Their solitude aligns with the swaying of tall sycamore trees and empty beaches with miles of reeds and occasional sea birds. Making fresh steps, why not?

Reverie is the best when it is white — pass a fairy tale-like entrance to the main church, then enter a meditative awe. Sometimes new things come back to yourself when you feel warm, peaceful and thankful.

Do not miss it. Do not avoid new things. And take a photo of your brand-new memory.


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